I C Engine

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Research Engine Test Setup Computerised (240)

The setup consists of single cylinder, four stroke, VCR (Variable Compression Ratio) Research engine connected to eddy current dynamometer. It is provided with necessary instruments for combustion pressure, crank-angle, airflow, fuel flow, temperatures and load measurements. These signals are interfaced to computer through high speed data acquisition device. The set up has stand-alone panel box consisting of air box, twin fuel tank, manometer, fuel measuring unit, transmitters for air and fuel flow measurements, process indicator and piezo powering unit. Rotameters are provided for cooling water and calorimeter water flow measurement. In petrol mode engine works with programmable Open ECU, Throttle position sensor (TPS), fuel pump, ignition coil, fuel spray nozzle, trigger sensor etc. The setup enables study of VCR engine performance for both Diesel and Petrol mode and study of ECU programming.

Engine performance study includes brake power, indicated power, frictional power, BMEP, IMEP, brake thermal efficiency, indicated thermal efficiency, Mechanical efficiency, volumetric efficiency, specific fuel consumption, Air fuel ratio, heat balance and combustion analysis.Labview based Engine Performance Analysis software package Enginesoft is provided for on line performance evaluation.

A computerized Diesel injection pressure measurement is optionally provided.

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