Research Assistance Lab

Research Assistance Lab facilities for UG/PG and Research scholars

We provide following RAL facilities at our works in Sangli (MS India)

  • Computerized Research engine set up, Diesel and Petrol mode VCR, Product 240PE
  • Computerised CRDI VCR Engine set up Product 244
  • EngineSoft for Engine performance and combustion analysis
  • Programmable open ECU for engine tuning in Petrol mode
  • Programmable open ECU for engine tuning in Diesel mode
  • Port fuel injection
  • Exhaust gas analyser (5 Gas)
  • Smoke meter
  • LPG, CNG, Hydrogen and Bio gas kits
  • Work assistance
  • Guest house accommodation (on request)

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We also provide Engine Operational Training for research scholars and students who intend to work with engine setups available at the institutes.